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I overcame my fear of childbirth​

"Shout out to this amazing lady who runs @jodieross.healgrowshine. So blessed to have this unicorn of a woman in my life. When Jodie first talked about helping me with a chronic injury I had I was super sceptical. EFT Tapping? Matrix Reimprinting? Whaaaat?? BUT after 1 session with Jodie I had completely changed my mind! 
Fast forward a year later: pregnant with my first baby!! Super exciting. I actually never wanted to have children growing up (you change your mind as you get older) as the pushing a baby out part scared the shit out of me!! You get told how awful it is, movies and tv don’t help. So off I went back to Jodie who helped me overcome my fear of child birth. One thing she told me really stood out- we are programmed to believe that labour is absolutely AWFUL. Other people tell us their horror stories and tv and movies portray screaming women! It makes sense that most of us go into that situation really scared!! I did a lot of work with Jodie on visualising the birth- getting to full term, who I wanted around me, concentrating on the moment I would get to hold my baby girl! 

So when that day finally arrived I didn’t go into hospital sick with fear. Sure I was nervous but I was also excited. Soon I’d get to see my baby! Now I’m not going to say that labour was easy and not painful!! Yeah it was hard and contractions are pretty painful. I hit a wall about 5 hours into my labour. “I can’t do this, it hurts too much, I need the epidural” but that moment passes and soon after I was fully dilated and it was time! 
Something in me changed - I suddenly remembered all the things I’d done with Jodie and I managed to focus on that. I had the best team around me and when my gorgeous girl came out she didn’t scream or cry, she lay on me and looked at me for ages super chilled and so beautiful.
I honestly don’t think my experience would have been like that without Jodie’s guidance... I can’t recommend her enough and am so glad to know this person who is so beautiful inside and out. Nothing I could say to her sounded too silly. And there’s never any judgement, only love and support "   

- Claire, Melbourne Vic.

seeing Jodie has changed the course of my life

"I began attending sessions with Jodie at the end of 2017 when I had a mental breakdown.  My mum found her website and contacted her on my behalf and we both committed to going initially for 6 sessions each. 
I presented to Jodie in a very emotionally fragile, exhausted state. I was questioning the direction and purpose of my life as well as my sexuality which contradicted my deepest desire to be with the man who I had recently fallen in love with. I had reproductive issues galore... PCOS, irregular periods, abnormal pap tests, pain during sex, thrush, UTI's you name it.

In hindsight and because of the emotional work I've done with Jodie, I understand that unresolved trauma from childhood and being sexually assaulted was responsible for my inner turmoil but it was also a knowing nudge that life was meant to be better than this. Back then though, I just saw dead ends and personal failings everywhere I turned and I had no idea of how to get out. I trusted no one and I felt completely at a loss.

Psychologists and other therapists who I had been to see only triggered and re-traumatised me but Jodie undid all of that fear that had built up over 10 years in a few sessions.

She was the first person who I felt safe with. She was clear, kind and intuitive in knowing what and how much I could handle throughout our journey together. Not once did I feel judged, afraid or coaxed into believing what she thought was going on. She guided me to figure it out on my own. That was empowering and a breakthrough in itself. From then on I knew it was possible to feel safe, comfortable and to trust myself.

Jodie gave me strategies and 'homework' which I practiced as diligently as I could. It wasn't always easy to make these changes but with consistent effort and Jodie's absolute support and encouragement, I started to feel better and better. I started wearing colours again. I started standing up for myself in simple situations. I walked away from jobs and friendships that didn't have my best interests at heart.

After a few years of abnormal pap smears and scary tests, I have reversed most of my reproductive health issues and I no longer have abnormal cells in my cervix. All healthy! Sex is truly pleasurable again and my creative juices flow into the other areas of my life now.

I have been so inspired by the work of Jodie and energy psychology that I have certified to do EFT (tapping) and pursue my passion of energy medicine. It lights up my world every day! 
Best of all, I am still with the man I love and we are growing and evolving in love as each day goes by and I am blooming into the woman I always wanted to be. 

I cannot thank Jodie enough for all she has given me. As my story can attest, seeing her has quite literally changed the course of my life and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Jodie!"    

- Sarah, Melbourne Vic.

matrix birth reimprinting, wow!

Had the most amazing session last night with @jodieross.healgrowshine who is a MBR Practitioner.

Put simply, she uses EFT (emotional freedom techniques) on your subconscious mind and shifts any emotions and beliefs that can help get Mum + bub ready for birth. 

Jodie spent over an hour and half with me, tuning in to how me and bubs were feeling. I had a lot of fear, worry and limiting beliefs that 'I can't go through or do that again' all still sitting there from Evie's birth (3 hour active labour of super intense horrendous pain where I couldn't move from lying on my side). We cleared and released that, and visualised the birth I did want to have with Evie.

I then got to rehearse the birth I wanted with this bubs, and we tuned in with her to see what was going on and how she was feeling. It was very powerful work. 

I was VERY emotional yesterday... and afterwards I felt lighter, calmer, more positive and definitely now know I have cleared all my limiting beliefs around birth and pain on my conscious and sub-conscious level. 

ANY women who has been through birth or is about to go through birth I recommend having one of these sessions - I wish I had known about it sooner and leading up to /after Evie's birth.  Thank you so much Jodie for spending that time with me.

- Tory. Melbourne Victoria.

help with my eczema
I have worked with Jodie using Biocompass® to help me deal with the underlying issue of 10 years of recurring eczema on my right foot. Jodie was able to trace my symptoms back to one particular significant emotional life event.
She then did Matrix Reimprinting with me to heal the emotional past that was affecting my eczema.
Jodie is so caring and compassionate, I felt very safe and supported in our session and her follow up and check-in after our session gave me reassurance and support.
Biocompass® is a phenomenal tool for discovering root causes. I highly recommend Jodie as a practitioner to assist you with your healing, both physical and emotional.
- Sonja Courtis, New Zealand.
I love maths now
Jodie has helped me using Matrix Reimprinting to love maths and be able to learn it now. I am in grade 6 and since grade 1 I have hated maths and have not been able to learn it, I even remember falling asleep in class during maths once.
I found out in the Matrix when I stopped liking maths and feeling like I couldn't do it and with Jodie's help, I changed that.
I love maths now, somehow, now it just works for me and it is fun.
I hope that reading this you can know that there is a cool way to help change a specific thing that you don't like or want to do into something that you do like or want to do, like me and maths.

- Jack, Canberra Australia.

my skin finally healed after surgery

I can't believe how positive I feel after the sessions with Jodie.
I had major surgery early in February that went horribly wrong. That was to be the first of 14 surgeries over the next 3 months.
The first issue Jodie helped me with is to overcome my fear of anaesthetic. I was scared stiff of the anaesthetic for most of my life. Jodie helped me take that fear away completely and thank goodness as I had to have so many surgeries.
The other issue I had was a section of my skin after my initial surgery was not healing, it died and over the course of 3 months, doctors were puzzled as to why it was not healing, there was no medical reason why. That’s when Jodie started helping me overcome the exact stress, trauma and anger connected with my surgery with her Biocompass®, Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting methods. After doing this, my skin finally started to heal, in fact rapidly so.
Jodie's work is outstanding, she has a way of getting you relaxed which allow you to open your mind and become in tune with yourself and with what she is saying during the sessions.
I still have visits with Jodie, as there is still more for us to do because of the complexity of my surgery but, I have no doubt in my mind that with Jodie's gentle approach and knowledge, that I will heal my other issues in no time.
- Carole, Melbourne Australia.
I no longer have a latex allergy

Matrix with Jodie and Caroline changed my life in a few ways, yes only a few, but a few remarkable, marvellous, amazing ways.
While having a life threatening latex allergy practically my whole life, it was annoying, frustrating and sad that I could not play or have things that other kids had like balloons (no, not baboons), or even rubber erasers at school.
At first I was unsure about Matrix Reimprinting, but when I did it I was amazed. I got to see myself as a baby in my mind when I had my allergic reaction to latex tubes down my throat during an operation when I was 11 months old. I got to help that baby stop being scared.
After that session I felt great and apparently I couldn’t stop smiling. I continued with a bit more Matrix Reimprinting and Tapping with Jodie to try and help my latex allergy and after that I could hold a latex balloon with no itchiness, redness or fear at all. I have never been able to do that in my life.
Today though is the most exciting thing, I had my allergy testing done and guess what, I NO LONGER HAVE A LATEX ALLERGY!
I am amazed.
I also use Matrix and Tapping with Jodie for my anxiety and it helps me.
Well that is my experience, it might be completely different to yours. Thank you for reading this.
- Jack, Canberra Australia.
A session with Jodie is the ultimate gift of self-care
and self-enlightenment
Despite being a person who outwardly functioned well, I had a little shadow of self-doubt that followed me everywhere. Sometimes it got ugly.  A niggling feeling always with me that felt physical in my stomach and chest, and no matter how consciously I searched for a solution, nothing seemed to stick.
I engaged with GP’s, Psychologists and Yoga Gurus. Discussing concepts such as depression, anxiety and post-natal depressions – I didn’t know what it was but something was ‘haunting me’. I couldn’t stop my mind from looping over the same, ‘I’m not good enough’ tape.
I was literally exhausted, physically and mentally. When I finally sold a business, I had run for nearly a decade, my body fell apart. I had migraines, increased social phobias, adrenal fatigue and just felt overall as if I couldn’t ‘do it’ anymore.
That when I started seeking advice from less mainstream practitioners, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy to name a few, each leading me closer, I believe to Jodie and to Matrix.
I certainly gained something from each of those experiences, but the one thing I couldn’t achieve was lasting change.
When the down days became more frequent than the up days, I looked around again for something to help me. I was also searching around for something to study and offer potential career change, when I found Life Coaching, which felt like a more genuine and sustainable approach to living for me that would help to quell my fear of not belonging, or being found out and hopefully get a handle on that self -doubt that was now infecting all areas of my life. It had become a daily battle.
After this I decided to study Coaching for myself, to help others, like me who simply had a blockage, emotional or otherwise that was preventing them from living their best lives. I was getting a lot out of it.
As the universe, so often does, it was as if making this commitment to myself, to others and coaching that I was open to a whole new realm of thought, and then I found Jodie.
Initially we started our sessions with tapping, which I found incredibly helpful. EFT was non-invasive, and once I became more familiar with it, allowed me to use the techniques on myself and on my children, too in times of anxiety and stress…talk about tools to take with you on this journey called LIFE!
We then moved on to Matrix Reimprinting, to try to understand what was at the root cause of my issue(s). Given that I had tried so many other things, I was incredibly open with Jodie, I was keen to see where it would take me. I could hardly believe myself, where we went in that first and subsequent sessions. As we discussed the emotions and feelings I had attached to my fears, the memories that came up for me were unexpected and traumatic. Jodie with grace and kindness was able to sheppard me through the ‘back catalogue’ of my memory to discover trauma I had long since compartmentalised. Forgotten. Erased. Or so I thought. Little did I know it was colouring my every day even now.
With her warmth and nurturing, Jodie and Matrix could assist me in seeing where my default behavioural strategies had come from, revisit the trauma and reimprint the memory. To allow me space to leave those old behaviours and emotions behind.  The exchange of energy felt in each session is intense yet calming, I could literally fall asleep when we finish, right there on the couch. I feel at ease, safe. That is huge.
It is one thing to study that we are consciously capable of changing our thoughts, feelings and behaviours through study as I have done, that’s brilliant. It is quite another to find out that there is a fast, non-invasive way to do this unconsciously as Jodie has shown me.
A session with Jodie is the ultimate gift of self-care and self-enlightenment. Through Matrix Reimprinting I have dramatically improved my state of mind and mental health.
I can now see so clearly the direct links between what I consciously knew I should be able to implement in order to achieve my best life, with how unconsciously I had been dictated by default behaviours that had developed without my knowledge and without my fault through trauma previously experienced.
The shift in my thinking and happiness has been like walking outside ins sunshine after years of looking out the window. I can live a more genuine day to day life, no more faking the good days. There are good days.  
- Lucy, Melbourne Australia.

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