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emotional freedom techniques

​​Emotional Freedom Techniques, also know as EFT or Tapping is an Energy Psychology Technique created by Gary Craig that combines accupressure tapping with modern psychology to process and release what's holding you back and optimise your emotional health.
Emotional health is essential to your physical health and wellbeing. No matter how devoted you are to the proper diet and lifestyle, your body's ideal health cannot be achieved if emotional barriers stand in your way.

EFT helps you shift and release your response to past or present stress, significant emotional events or trauma in minutes and re-wires your brain with new responses. It is often extremely quick and effective and can provide relief from pain, disease, emotional, physical and mental issues.

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how does it work?

about your body

  • Your psychology alters your physiology – put simply, your mind alters your body
  • Elevated emotions, thoughts and beliefs create healthy chemical reactions in your body which allow your body and immune system to function in balance as nature intended
  • Low emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs keep your body in a state of stress which causes energy blocks and unhealthy chemical reactions that prevent your immune system doing its job which can contribute to illness and unhappiness
  • Your body’s central nervous system is comprised of nerve cells and fibres which transmit electrical impulses (energy) between parts of your body to your brain
  • The part of your brain’s central nervous system that deals with stress, thought and emotion responds to the tapping of EFT quickly and efficiently to reduce your stress hormones and re-wire your emotional and therefore physical response to the issue being worked on

eft action

The EFT process integrates the mind and body beautifully. It involves a combination of light tapping on acupressure points to move electrical currents (energy) through your body to your brain while focusing on the low or limiting emotions, beliefs (psychology) or physical sensations that you would like to change. This does 2 things:​​​

1.  Halts your body's stress response  
       (switches off the stress switch in your brain called the Amygdala) 

​2.  Simultaneously de-activates your trigger  
(re-trains your brains emotional processing centre to react in a healthier way - limbic response)

eft result

  • Your nervous system is calmed
  • Your energy blocks around the issue, emotion or belief being focused on are processed and released
  • In your brain, the stress response to the specific issue addressed is literally switched off
  • Your brain and subconscious mind are re-wired to respond in healthier ways​

eft benefits

  • It's quick, easy and gentle
  • ​It often works where nothing else will
  • ​It literally taps away your emotional response to past or present trauma and stress in minutes and re-wires your brain with new responses
  • It can be used on anyone at any age – fantastic for babies, children, teens and adults 
  • It is portable and can be used anywhere, anytime on any issue. This can range from the common cold to cancer, releasing birth fear, processing birth trauma to sports performance issues, learning issues to just getting upset when you don’t want to
  • Transforms your health and happiness and creates change quickly and permanently

a little bit ​​of science​​

The limbic system is a complex system of nerves and networks in your brain, responsible for processing emotional responses, instinct, mood, learning and memory. The limbic system operates by also influencing  your body's endocrine system (hormones) and autonomic nervous system (unconscious body processes). 

The amygdala is part of the limbic system and is a section of the brain responsible for detecting fear and preparing for emergency events (flight, fight, freeze response).​ It controls the way you detect potential threats and react to certain stimuli or events that cause distressing emotion.

The EFT process creates a fast-track route to switch off your body’s stress trigger (amygdala response) to certain emotions or events, reduce your stress hormones and 
​re-train your body’s emotional response (limbic response) ​​in a very quick and gentle way.